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Alex Wallenwein
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The Small Business Goldmine is designed to give US small business owners the opportunity to protect themselves from the current and mounting worldwide credit collapse and the attendant decay of the US dollar.

What is the point of maximizing your earnings when the money you earn buys less and less?

Alex Wallenwein holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Florida Atlantic University and a Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law. He practiced law in Houston from 1991 to 2002.

In early 2003, Alex launched the Small Business Goldmine's precursor web site, "A1 Guide to Gold Investments.com". He began writing and publishing his precious metals and free-market based online investment and financial newsletter, the "Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor" (now Euro vs Dollar Gold Monitor) in April of that same year.

The Monitor focuses investors' attention on the true nature of the fiat/debt-based worldwide financial system and the inevitable consequences flowing from that condition. These consequences culminate in the now seven year-old and continuing,long-term bull market in gold and precious metals.

Alex has a way of making seemingly obtuse and confusing relationships between the segments of US domestic and international financial markets easy to understand. He does so by focusing on and explaining the fundamental principles underlying all human economic interaction - without needless obfuscation, and without the usual economist or banker jargon.

You can get a free sample of his macro-economic analysis by reading his over one hundred free articles published on numerous financial and economic web sites, and by examining past issues of his weekly gold and silver updates in the public area of the Euro vs.Dollar Monitor's Members' section.