Go Shopping with Gold & Silver!

Using gold & silver to pay for your daily needs lets you
SAVE BIG while helping you prosper during both recession and inflation.

Businesses who accept gold and silver payments from you can afford to offer you deep discounts on virtually everything they sell. Why? Because gold keeps on rising, and it will keep rising for the foreseeable future. You can read up on why that is so

To you, that means HUGE SAVINGS!

How would you like to have a supermarket nearby that gives you a full 25 percent discount on everything you buy there, every day, all year long? Would that make you go there more often?

You bet!

Have you ever hoarded and cut out grocery store coupons? Buying and getting your discounts with gold and silver is no different - except that it can also make you richer. You probably know how much of a hassle store coupons are. Buying with gold and silver is much easier.

You Can Make It Happen!

You can help bring this about if you ask every business you frequent (whether it’s a retail store, your mechanic, your favorite restaurant, your online shopping source, or your favorite movie rental place) whether they accept gold and silver. If not, ask if you can leave them a brochure for the manager to read. When enough people do this, they will start to listen!

How is that a benefit to you when gold and silver are as expensive as they are now?

Before every major shopping trip, you can buy gold currency, whether of the physical kind (American Gold and Silver Eagles) or the digital kind that you can spend online like a credit card. (digital gold and silver currencies are 100% safe and have been in use for years without incident. That cannot be said of most other online payment providers like Paypal or Evocash - or even the dollar itself!)

You can buy digital gold or silver currencies by opening a free account with GoldMoney or Pecunix, the only two companies we are confident to recommend at this time.

Once your account is funded, you can use it to spend on any item on any website that is offered for the currency you choose.

You will spend the money at the store, anyway, so why not first buy gold or silver and SAVE 25%? Why pay more when you don't have to??

Stores who offer these discounts are few right now, but they will soon multiply very fast. They will offer gold and silver discounts on the dollar-price of the product or service they sell. That means, if a product costs $100, you only pay the equivalent of $75 in gold or silver "grams" (if you pay with digital metal currency online) or in gold or silver American Eagles, if you pay in coins.

If you pay with American Eagles, the stores will have computer software that allows them to calculate the change in dollars and cents you are due to the penny according to up-to-the-minute market prices of whichever metal you choose to go shopping with.

There’s nothing difficult about that, especially when it comes to online shopping.

So why not try it?

Here is how to do it:

  • Follow [this link] to print out a small three-fold brochure to give to your favorite retailer or service establishment;

  • Tell your friends, family members, and coworkers about this and encourage then to do the same;

  • Open a free gold and silver account with GoldMoney or Pecunix (those are the only online precious mmetals currency providers we currently recommend, for security and accountability reasons);

  • Fund your account after getting “CAP” verified (if you use GoldMoney) and join their convenient Gold Accumulation Program” by making regular small purchases of gold and silver to build your account balance with super-safe, always stable gold or silver bullion currency;

  • Keep on handing out brochures while more and more retailers and service providers get on board with the Goldmine Program.

  • Keep checking back with us occasionally to see what new businesses have joined the Goldmine Program. (It is completely free to them. No money outlays involved);

  • Learn about the true role of gold in world finance and commerce, and how investing in it through stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds in addition to bullion currency can save your retirement;

  • Then, while you’re doing that and as more and more people and businesses join this Program, just sit back and enjoy your new, financially ever more secure life.