Alex Wallenwein has researched and investigated the true nature of what today goes as money for over ten years. His findings are published in more than one hundred articles on hundreds of information outlets online, and he advises investors from across the world on how to protect their own and others' wealth from the continuing dollar-crash.

Alex holds a B.A. in Economics from Florida Atlantic University and a juris doctorate from South College of Law, but his greatest asset is his uncanny ability to present a seemingly complex message in easy to understand, intuitive terms. At the same time, he offers a compelling vision of what America can be - once the truth about money is widely known and actually taken into account in daily life.

In his colorful and entertaining, yet straightforward and hard-hitting presentations, Alex shatters the smokescreen of misinformation that currently stifles all open and public discourse about money.

The Alex Wallenwein Speaking Tour

Money, Wealth, and Leadership

America needs leaders, not followers - and leaders need to understand how money works

Money lies at the root of all business, economics, and politics.

Energizing students with motivational speeches is one thing. Doing it while imparting fundamental knowledge about how the world works is quite another.

To become truly effective in business, economics, and politics, and to benefit not only themselves but the entire country, even the world, America’s future leaders must be able to answer these questions:

  • What is 'money', really?

  • How does understanding money create true wealth?

  • How does this understanding cultivate effective leaders with integrity and purpose?

Alex Wallenwein answers these questions unlike any other college speaker. In his presentations, Alex provides students with

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the money-creation process and its consequences;

  • A thorough understanding of the foundations of high finance in business and politics;

  • A firm grasp of how to use this to create lasting wealth for themselves and their communities.

At the same time, Alex turbo-charges students' future careers by helping them discover what they love most in life so that who they already are can inform what they do in their careers - which will then lead them to having what they want and need in their lives!

Alex' presentations give his audiences the tools to combine the creative power drawn from pursuing their life's purpose with a keen understanding of the financial environment they will help to shape.

To lead effectively, you do have to get out in front of the crowd, but you also have to know the terrain! -- Alex Wallenwein

This powerful package guarantees students' future success more than anything else and turns them into the consummate leaders they were born to be.

Subjects Addressed:

  • Leading in Business: Make sure what you earn has value!

  • Leading in Economics: Don't follow the crowd!

  • Leading in Politics: Never compromise on principles!

  • The true nature of money;

  • What is "inflation", really?

  • The cause of the dollar-crash;

  • Ramifications for business;

  • Ramifications for the economy;

  • Ramifications for politics;

  • Shaping the future of American business, economics, and politics.

Alex presents training workshops and keynote addresses to students and faculty at colleges across the United States and Canada. Please send an email with "Alex Wallenwein Presentations" in the subject line for inquiries regarding booking availability and rates, or simply fill out the form below.

Within the Houston, Texas area, he is also available for mini-presentations of 15 to 30 minutes in length to any group group, business, or organization at drastically reduced rates, and occasionally on a basis for organizations with a public purpose who show a particular need.

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