These are the lyrics to songs I suddenly started writing two years ago (2006). I have never written songs in my life before. No idea why they suddenly came out, one after another, in a mere six-month period! I haven't written a single one, since.


We are born to be free
But some live to see
us crawl in the dust
on our knees, by their feet.

It matter not if you’re strong or if you’re meek
It’s pride that makes them long for you to be weak
-er than them, that is; it’s a matter of power
so they squeeze out your life
as their faces turn sour.

They’ve come very far, so from cradle to gave
you live, without knowing it – just like a slave.

You’re numbered at birth, you go through their schools
and they measure your worth with the money of fools.
You pay a tax you don't owe for all of your life
and without their "license" can't even marry your wife.

So you live out your life, and you pay your taxes
to a government that consistently axes
the worth of your wealth by creeping inflation
- and tells you that it’s all "for the good of the nation."

You’re allowed to own wealth except that, by stealth,
the money you spend for stuff at the mall
was made not have any real value at all.

You can choose who to pray to and what to believe
except, you can’t say so if others may grieve
at your innermost thoughts, if they’re out of line
with a certain “correctness” of the political kind.

You’re free to elect those who would rule you
But the choices you’re given, they only fool you
into thinking you’ve made them all on your own
- it turns out that you’re just a political clone.

Two parties to pick from, oh, which one is better?
And then, you discover they are both trying to fetter
Your neck by a chain to their eternal goal
- one world that is ruled by THOUGHT CONTROL!

Yes, we’re born to be free, and some do live to see
us crawl in the dust, on our knees by their feet.
We are born to be free, but some live to see us crawl in the dust
- so fight them we must!!

* - * - *


The new Vietnam, it’s not in Iraq
It’s right here in the US of A
And while in DC our leaders smoke their 'crack'
They’re giving our country away.
They are giving our country away!

The crack they are smoking is called 'New World Order'
They’re pushing it onto you, too.
And while they’re braking down our southern border
Our whole system’s coming unglued,
Our whole system’s coming unglued!

A country without borders is like a man without skin
They’re skinning us alive!
And we don’t realize how much trouble we’re really in
- and keep swallowing all of their jive.
We keep swallowing all of their jive!

I tell you brother, if you love this land
- Your better stand up and FIGHT!
Or they’ll burn into you their slaver’s brand
And corral you in real tight.
Yeah, they’ll corral you in real tight!

Where they’ll keep you, you won’t have no freedom
Nor will the poor folks they are now letting in
They say they’re “just workers”, and that we need’em.
It really is nothing but bullshit and spin
Yeah, it really is nothing but bullshit and spin!

To our South, they all yell "Revolution"
If that’s what suits them, no problem with me.
But if in DC they destroy our Constitution
I say, “Go to Hell!” Oh, I’m staying free,
Yeah, I’ll say, “Go to Hell!” I’m staying free!

Our rights, they don’t come from our leaders
So our leaders can’t take them away
But it’s us who turning them over to those traitors
For that, we will all have to account some day.
Yeah, for that, we will all have to account - some day.

The “New Vietnam” – it’s not in Iraq
-It’s right here, in the USA
And while in DC our leaders smoke their crack
We’re giving our own country away.
We are giving our own country away!
We are giving our country away
We are letting our country – slip away…

* - * - *


Who are you to lie about your aims?
Who are you to play on us your deadly games?
You say you came to rid the world of evil
But only brought destruction and upheaval.

Who are you to sell entire nations
Down the river of your lies?
Why did you sacrifice our country, Vietnam?
Can’t you hear our deaf’ning cries?

You say you came to help us fight,
Your army had no equal in this world
But yet you made us loose the light
Helped the Vietcong whore from the North in giving birth!

And now you even sell the USA
Our last refuge, down the Rio Grande
And leave us with the mess you have made
Of your own forefathers’ sacred land!

Who are you, why do you lie about your aims?
You’re the enemy himself!
You really don’t deserve your name.
You call yourself capitalist?
You spread Communism - just the same.

Who are you to sell entire nations
Down the river of your lies?
Why do you sacrifice our new country – America?

* - * - *


If you love, you’ll be okay,
If you love, you’ll stay above the fray.
If you love, people will listen,
If you love, you’ll know what they areally are missing
More than anything.

And as life makes you fight every dayWithout that Love, you’ll get carried awayBy your pride and your lust for power-but you’ll hide when it comes near the hourwhen it’s time to pay for your sins.

If you love, you’ll be okay,If you love, you’ll stay above the fray.If you love, people will listen,If you love, you’ll know what they areally are missingMore than anything.

So you think you’re aman of God
well, it seems you forgot
why he came here, oh, so long ago
it surely wasn’t for you to steal his show
and remake the world in your own mold.

And the world you are remaking
Is turning into your prison
For it seems you are forsaking
the fact that He has risen.
He rose so you and I
Could some day really be free.
So, just drop all your schemes and your lies
for if you “succeed”, you’ll be trapped in eternity.

But if you love, you’ll be okay,
If you love, you’ll stay above the fray.
If you love God, He will listen.
If you love God, you’ll know what you’ve really been missing
more than anything
in your life.

* - * - *

(Spoof of Arlo Guthrie’s Classic "Big Airliner")

Walkin’ in from Mexico just jumpin’ your border
Can’t afford no big airliner
I got no respect for your law and order
Your president couldn’t be much kinder
Walkin’ into Los Angeles,
Bringin’ with me my wife and kids,
Thanks for the government check, Mr.Americano,
Yeah ..!

Don’t you know that I’m not alone
Even though I’m skin and bone
There’s millions more like me, don’t you see,
Mr. Customs Man? Hey–yeah-hey!

Hey, what’s that new group now walkin’ the border?
They call themselves "The Minuteme-e-en"
They are re-establishing law and order
I’m running as fast as I ca-a-an.
Even though in Los Angeles
My wife cranked out dozens of kids,
Border Patrol sent me back to my native land,
Oh, no!

* - * - *


We’re fed up, we’ve had it, we won’t take it no more
Our freedom was never this threatened before
If you don’t act now, it’ll all be too late
So vote for Ron Paul in 2008 … in 2008.

Our leaders are so busy selling us out,
They won’t evenlisten when we all shout,
“Stop your scheming and trampling on our Constitution
So now let them feel the Ron Paul Revolution!

The media act as is Ron didn’t matter
They’re drowning him out with meaningless chatter
But on YouTube and MySpace the truth is exposed
Now the mainstream media, they’re the ones who get hosed,
The ones who get hosed.

The NAU is a "regional arrangement"
That will lead to America’s total estrangement
From our Founders’ vision of freedom for all
If that Baby gets through, this country will fall,
This country will fall!

We’re fed up, we’ve had it, we won’t take it no more
Our freedom was never this threatened before
If you don’t act now, it’ll all be too late
So for God’s sakes, vote for Ron Paul in 2008 … in 2008.

* - * - *


You were born and you’re getting old
And the secret so rarely told
Is still there to calm your fears
As you live out your years.

You must know that you’re not alone
And the fire that once shone
Could still be in your heart
-but you don’t give a fart,
You don’t give a fart!

Was it all for nothing?
Just the senseless frothing
of your deluded mind,
and all the things you’ve tried
and all the tears you cried.

Oh, come on – let it go!
All the tantrums you could throw
They’re useless at best
They won’t give you rest.

There’s only one God
And his Son who has bought
Your soul with his life
-So just drop that knife
that’s cutting your wrist right now!

Your heart and soul will never rest
If you refuse the very best
That life has in store
-what could you want more?
What could you want more?

This is not an exclusive club
The doors are wide open
Just quit your whining and mopin’
Dare to step inside,
but be prepared for the ride of your life!

* - * - *


So what, if you are from another race.
So what, if you’ve crossed territorial space.
You think you really know who you’re fighting for?
Do you even know who left open this door,
for you to cross over the Rio Grande,
to wade, swim and sneak into our land?

You think you’re fighting the ‘establishment?’
You think you’re defeating our government?
You think you have a right to come here - for what?
- to turn this land into what you’ve already got?
tyranny, corruption - the whole stinkin’ lot
I tell you brother, I envy you not.

But there are powers who hate the idea of borders.
They want us to live and die only by their orders.
Our Constitution restrains them far too much
so they use you to kill it for them - but you’d better watch!

You think you’re achieving a victory?
What you don’t know is: We’re your last chance to be free!
If you “defeat” us, those powers will take over,
when you demand your rights, they’ll just tell you: "Move over!"

They’ll use you to achieve their ultimate goal
that is to enslave ALL of us, and tie us to the pole
of their lust for power - you’ll see, very soon.
So, who the hell are they?
They were born with a silver spoon.

Like Bush, that f--in’ traitor, he’s got a foot in his mouth,
he walks, acts an’ talks like he’s from the South,
his clan is molding our world like it’s wax
and all those who oppose him, they just get the axe!

That axe will come down on you, too - as you’ll see
it hacks away at all who want to be free.
Without borders, that axe has no more ties to bind it
without the rule of law - it’s your neck that will find it.

Those powers who use you - they’re your enemy!
Their true intentions are not plain to see.
They’ll play you for a political pawn,
but once they own you, all your rights - will be gone!

So, ponder this well before you come here to "fight" us.
What’s your true beef? Is it just to spite us?
Are you really fighting for your own freedom,
or you just following orders without even knowing you heed ‘em?

If it’s freedom you want - is it us who denies you
the right to live as the Spirit guides you?
Do you think you’ll gain freedom by coming here?
Do you think over here, you’ll be any freer?

If you’re oppressed at home, fight your own corrupt system.
Get rid of false leaders - you’ll never miss them.
Just remember that your true rights, they come from God
- Let those who deny you get spanked by his rod!

Reconq’ring this real estate won’t make you free.
It just helps those powers push us all down on our knee.
They’ll be bending your knee right alongside with us
They’ll force your face down to lick up their pus!

Without borders they’ll just nationalize your and our farms
so, when it comes down to it - we’re brothers in arms!
So, let’s get together and fight those who think they own us.
Without our support, they’ll just give up and bemoan us
ever getting together to rip off their crowns!
We’ll show to the world - that they’re really just clowns.

Clowns that have somehow amassed too much power.
It made them so blind that they’ve missed the hour
in which you and I began to stick together like molasses
and ganged up on them - and kicked their dumb asses!