2008 GOP Presidential Candidate


Champion of Small Business, Low Taxes
- and a Sound US Currency

Texas Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul gets his own page on this site because he is everything any small businessman could want in a US president.

He is making tremendous strides for a so-called "dark horse" candidate, raised millions in each of the last two quarters, and unlike the other GOP contenders, actually has something new to say.

What is unique about him is not that he says exactly what millions of Americans want to hear. All politicians do that. What makes him stand out from the entire crowd is that he means every word he says - and has a thirty year track record to prove it.

His policies combine maximum individual freedom and privacy - and therefore prosperity with a minimum of intervention by the federal government, both domestically and internationally.

As president, he will push to terminate the IRS and federal income taxes and replace them with - nothing. He sees income taxes as a tremendous ball and chain around the neck of the US small business owner.

He is also a staunch defender of sound currency. Immediately below is a new compilation of video shots of Ron Paul addressing the cause of the dollar falling so dramatically against the euro, lead by a collage of financial news reports from various TV channels. It's a must-see:

The Deliberate Demise of Our Dollar:

Now, watch and listen to him lecturing Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on the danger of a monetary policy that attempts to fight the consequences of the Fed's inflationary policies with - even more inflation:

Ron Paul Lectures Fed Chairman Bernanke on Sound Currency:

In this video Ron Paul goes to the very crux of the matter: All the Fed can do to stave off an economic downturn is to create more money by lowering interest rates - but interest rates that are too low were the very cause of the problem in the first place. Even Mr. Bernanke can't disagree with him on that point.

Now, guess what happened two days later?

Larry Kudlow, CNBC's mainstream bullhorn for the financial establishment, put Ron Paul on the air during his show, cheers him on for his "tongue-lashing" of Mr. Bernanke, and even gives him time to talk about his plan to let gold and silver compete with the US dollar as currencies. Watch and Listen to it here:

CBNC's Larry Kudlow cheers him as he does so:

Yet, this is not the first time Larry Kudlow shows his sympathies for the erstwhile libertarian and free-marketeer Ron Paul. He gave him plenty of time and opportunity to air his views to Kudlow's massive audience. On October 9th, after the GOP presidential debate, he had him on to talk at length about wasteful spending and the need for a sound currency to keep poor and middle class Americans from suffering from the establishment/s misguided policies:

Larry Kudlow agrees that government is acting irresponsibly:

What's the point of all this?

Ron Paul is so eminently reasonable and ultimately convincing because his has the audacity to stick to the truth and tell it like it is. In doing that, he has no agenda other than doing exactly that, and he has proven it for over thirty years now. When people hear these things, they cannot help but agree - at least those who do not have an ulterior agenda themselves. It's just that most people have never quite heard things being put the way he puts them.

It is well worth any small business owner's while to listen carefully, think deeply, get more information, and then make the right decision. This website is here to help as much as possible. If you have any question the FAQ page doesn't answer well, please feel free to email me.

Ron Paul on Digital Gold Courrency:

Congressman Ron Paul was interviewed by a principal of "GoldPlanet.com" (now defunct) about his views on Digital Gold Currency, among other things. You can read the entire interview here.

Following is a quote from that interview:

planetgold: Ok. Are you aware of private DGCs, Digital Gold Currencies, like e-gold, GoldMoney, e-Bullion, 3PPay and FastGrams?

Congressman Ron Paul: Yes I’m aware of this.

planetgold: Do you have any opinions on ‘em?

Congressman Ron Paul: I think they’re great. I don’t know any of them in detail. And I can’t compare them and tell which one is more efficient. I don’t have any opinion in that detail, but the the idea that we can have digital money and relate it to gold, I think is very very good. I think everything is vulnerable. Just because gold is a good idea doesn’t mean that everybody that comes up with this digital gold will be efficient and honest and all these other things. So that is required … the markets have to sort all that out.

I’ve been asked so many times about what we should do with the system now. If I don’t like the paper money and I don’t like the Federal Reserve, what would I do. And it generally is I wouldn’t get rid of the Federal Reserve in one day, because it would be very very chaotic. But I would like to fully legalize competition in currencies. And I think some of these currencies have .. or gold has trouble in really developing, getting people to use them, because the tax collectors can still come. If you’re using gold coins and your gold coins go from 300 dollars a coin to 400 dollars a coin, you could be taxed on the appreciation of that if you sell those coins and put it into paper. So, you have to eliminate all taxes. Sales taxes and capital gains taxes on gold coinage if we want to do anything to encourage the use of gold as a competing currency.

Another reason to get active and vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 primaries.

Ron Paul in the News:

Obama's "Money-Bomb" (with a goal to raise $5 million in one single day and obvious attempt to outdo Ron Paul) well, er ... it BOMBED today.

As of 3 pm today, November 16, 2007, Obama's fund-raising amounted to no more than $4,100.00, donated by all of a whopping 55 people. Look at the chart on the right, taken directly from Obama's campaign page. Here is his motto for the day:

The motto of this group is to win the mother-of-all fundraising challenge to raise $5 million on Nov 16th (day after the debate) and is dubbed as "Barack's Friday". Let's make it happen. Please ... Please ... Please spread the word.

Sorry. I couldn't help but to post this.

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