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Vote Ron Paul for Liberty, Sound Money and Prosperity

Support Congressman Ron Paul's two-pronged Sound Money legislation: HR 2756 and HR 4683 by urging your Congressman and Senators to co-sponsor these bills!

The course of action we here at the Small Business Goldmine recommend is not to wait for Congress to act, but to get the process rolling now - by accepting gold and silver as payment for goods and services from their customers and clients.

Waiting for Congress to act would be futile. Without our prior action in saving our own businesses from the dollar's ceaseless decline, nothing much will happen.

We will build an army of businesses and an even larger army of our combined customers who will already implement the positive changes envisioned by Congressman Paul.

The legal tender laws sought to be repealed really constitute only a slight impediment, not a bar to our efforts; they don't even deserve to be labeled "obstacles."

Selling products or services for American Eagles gold and silver coins and for online gold and silver currencies is perfectly legal, as it is. Removing these laws would only eliminate taxes on transactions in gold or silver, and would make contracts for payment in gold or silver enforcable in court.

On the other hand, it should be obvious that mounting support for these bills and building pressure on other Congressmen to co-sponsor and support them would be a fantastic help in accomplishing our purpose. To that end, please go to and join the fight!

To find out more about Representative Ron Paul's views on sound money, gold, inflation, and the federal reserve system, please go to this page.