Gold vs Dollar

Protect Your Wealth from the U.S. Dollar's Stranglehold

The gold vs dollar charts below speak for themselves. They are up to date as of October 23, 2011. The evidence is profound: Gold is far more stable and less risky than the US dollar or US stocks (or any stocks, for that matter):

Now, take a look at the US dollar chart during the same time frame:

These gold vs dollar charts clearly show that gold is by far the superior investment.

Do you like stocks? is your retirement investment portfolio mainly invested in US or international stocks? Then please visit this gold vs dollar sister page to see how other countries' stock exchanges have fared compared to gold.

Even US treasuries - although they fared markedly better than stocks, show a pattern of extreme volatility and unpredictability. It is clear that, in the battle between gold vs dollar-denominated assets, gold wins.

Currently, US treasuries only remain as high as they are because the Federal Reserve is back-stopping them and because the US dollar remains the only viable reserve currency of the world while the euro is fighting for its life. Yet, China, as the world's largest holder and buyer of US treasuries, has already announced that it intends to cycle out of the dollar and push for an alternative reserve currency. That, combined with the excessive US debt load and recent S&P international ratings downgrade, can only have one result: a crash.

Now compare the steady, straight line, unperturbed rise of gold vs dollar during the last decade to all of the above (if you want to compare gold to other countries' stock markets, please click here): Here is a chart of the dollar from 1973 to 2008:

... and here is a taste of the dollar's deterioration in purchasing power since 1913 - the date the US FED was created:

Do you get the picture?

Yet, the dollar is not the only currency falling against gold. Gold rises against all currencies, and even against (still) the strongest of all currencies at this point, the euro:

But the euro teeters on the precipice of collapse. Gold will never collapse because it has never been artificially propped up.

If you have (so far) believed the lie that gold is a "risk trade", please revisit the gold chart above and compare it to the Dow-30 chart ("$INDU"), and then decide which trade is more volatile and "risky": Gold, or US blue-chip stocks.

Avoid the Retirement Trap

The most effective (and news-spin notwithstanding, the most reliable) way to keep from letting the dollar's misfortune drag your investments down is to invest in physical gold and silver.

But what if all of your investments are tied up in a 401k or other tax-deferred retirement account? Then it's best to explore your retirement investment options in gold

You don't want to liquidate your 401k because of the huge tax and early withdrawal penalties that accompany such actions. If this is your concern, you can set up and roll your funds over into a self-directed gold IRA.. The page this link leads to tells you everything you need to know about why you should consider doing this and how to do it. Doing it may literally save your hard-earned retirement nest egg. Another 2008-type financial crash is coming.

After 2008, gold recovered faster than stocks and then moved on, far beyond pre-crash levels. Stocks have not even recovered their pre-crash highs at this point. US treasuries likewise are currently below their post-crash highs. They are held up only by the US Fed's quantitative easing policy and little else. Please make the right choice.

The choice is yours.