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(PLEASE NOTE: The Euro v. Dollar Monitor is no longer being published. The following information is therefore outdated. You can, however, use this page as a convenient way to track the precious metals markets alongside the dollar and gold stock indexes, all from one page.)

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Monitor the Gold Bull

Below is a very useful chart that allows you to monitor where gold is in its bull run. (Currently stage two or "2nd gear"). It will be updated at irregular intervals whenever new developments warrant an update.

As you can see, despite the recent (to most investors) nail-biting descent from its July high of $972/oz. to currently just above $800, gold is still in its second gear. It has likely bottomed already at this point. Reports of gold and silver shortages are coming from all corners of the globe. Runs on stores in London, traffic jams to stores in Saigon, Vietnam, and the inability of Indian banks to get gold from the NY bullion banks. This is absolutely not the "end" of gold's bull market. (8-20-2008)

It is always helpful to keep things in perspective by looking at the long term. Gold investors often get emotional about the metal's ups and downs, which leads many to sell at the wrong time. Monitor members are able to avoid these pitfalls because they always know the full story.


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