World Bank Suppresses News of Historic US Oil Find for 30 Years

How would you like to

  • End the war in the middle east,

  • Prevent a needless attack on Iran,

  • Effectively keep terrorists out of the US, and

  • Ensure US energy independence at an average cost of $1.50 per gallon of gasoline - for the next 200 years?

If you don' want any of these things to happen, please stop reading right now. There is no hope for you.

How Can This Be Done?

The answer to the middle-east crisis and to the resulting threat of Islamic terrorism literally lies in America's own backyard - but the World Bank (Wolfowitz) and IMF have been suppressing the news!

The two questions that arise from these facts are:

(1) How? and (2) Why?

How can we do that, and why in the world are the World Bank and IMF suppressing this incredible and crucial piece of information?

The problem is that solving each and every one of these problems is not in the interest of those who are currently in control of US foreign and monetary policy. That's the reason why you don't hear about it and - so far at least - have been unable to read about it.

This has just changed.

This phenomenal oil find presents a realistic, easily achievable way to make oil dirt-cheap for America and even the rest of the world.

Using it will end the threat of Islamic terrorism to the US as we have come to know it. It will end all necessity for US involvement in the middle east. It will also end the alleged need for the curtailment of Americans' constitutional liberties in the name of fighting this "war" on terrorism.

In other words, it will end all official and media excuses for the ongoing, and now almost finalized, executive branch power grab in the US.

However, it will only do that if you read the information below. All of it.

The 'Secret'

There is no need to keep you needlessly in suspense and reveal the 'big secret' only at the end of this report. Why it was kept a secret, and what must be done to solve one of the world's most intractable and dangerous security problems is interesting enough to keep you reading. That's a promise.

This closely guarded 'secret' is that BP, Atlantic Richfield, and other oil companies operating the Prudhoe Bay oil fields in Alaska have discovered many years ago that Prudhoe Bay contains the world's largest known reservoir of crude oil ever discovered. It is larger than even that of Saudi Arabia and fully capable of supplying the US’ crude oil needs, even taking into account our currently projected annual demand increases, for over 200 years.

It would be highly understandable if you doubt this information. It just sounds too fntastic, and too good to be true - but read on anyway.

Even if the information is indeed false, making absolutely sure whether that it or is not does no harm to anyone, whatsoever. If it is false, nothing changes. The US power elites will continue as they have, unmolested by public outrage and demands for change, and everything remains as it is now. If it is indeed false, the worst thing that will happen is that this writer and those who supply the information given here will look like harmless fools. The world will continue as it has. Nobody gets hurt.

If it is true, however (and there are easy ways to determine the truth or untruth of the matter), and if nothing is done to expose that truth, millions of middle easterners, millions of Americans, and billions of other people will get hurt as a result, and that is a certainty.

Why the Big Secret?

This secret has been kept for one reason: According to what was known to those responsible for keeping the secret at the time the discovery was made, if it had ever gotten out, the US dollar would immediately collapse, and the United States and the world would be roiled in a financial chaos the likes of which human history has not witnessed.

However, the decision to keep this oil find a secret was made more than thirty years ago.

Since then, things have changed dramatically. Since the creation of the euro currency, the eventual demise of the dollar has become an inevitability, except that now the process of the dollar's collapse can be, and so far has been, carefully controlled.

There is yet another factor in the equation, a factor that did not exist before. There is one man in US politics who has the one, simple, clear-cut, common sense answer to America’s currency woes. It is no longer true that the US would be left without a viable currency if the secret got out.

As a matter of fact, one single change in US legislation, a single legislative amendment passed into law by Congress, could make it possible to allow market forces to phase in the solution to the threat of a US currency collapse. The US as a country and individual Americans would be freer, safer, and better off financially as a result of it. I will explain later, but first we need a clear description of the actual problem.

What's the Big Problem?

The problem is the very nature of what we call a "US dollar" itself.

A dollar, just like any other paper currency during most of the world's history, was once areceipt, a certificate of gold or silver ownership. It allowed the bearer to exchange it for gold or silver on demand at his or her country's central banks or one of their banking branches.

Today, all of the world's paper currencies are based on nothing but debt, and so is the US dollar. What distinguishes the dollar from other currencies is that it is (still) generally accepted the world over in settlement of international trade accounts. In other words, it is still the world's major reserve currency.

But not the only one, anymore.

When the dollar became the world's reserve currency, it was still backed by gold internationally. Any country that had earned dollars in trade for goods could exchange its dollars for gold a the US Fed's 'gold window'. In 1971, Richard Nixon had to close that gold window because the US had over-issued paper dollars and some foreign central banks demanded gold for their dollar holdings. This threatened to utterly deplete the US treasury of its gold.

Some of the US elites at the time had what they thought was a bright idea. They said to themselves: "Hey, if we get the Saudis, Iraqis and Iranians to sell their oil only for dollars, the whole world will needs to come to us to buy our dollars before they can buy oil, so there will always be demand for dollars and we can continue to merely print them to buy our oil - and all we have to do is print those dollars!"

And so it was done. Henry Kissinger was dispatched to the middle east and other major oilproducers to make his pitch. Sadly for the US elites, Iraq and Iran didn't want to play ball after a while.

Guess why US troops are currently in Iraq and why the Bush administration plans to attack Iran, shortly?

But What About Terrorism?

Make no mistake. Terrorists are real, they are dangerous, and they do want to hurt us. Of course. For the US ruling elites to have an excuse to attack and continue to occupy Iraq, there had to be a reason, an excuse.

Back in the days of Papa Bush, it was Saddam's assault on Kuwait.. According to Pastor Lindsey Williams, the author of the book "The Energy Non-Crisis", the US State Department promised Saddam in 1990 that it would not intervene if he took Kuwait.

Before WWII, Kuwait and Iraq were parts of the same country, so naturally Saddam took the bait and invaded Kuwait, which gave Papa Bush a reason to start the first Gulf War. Neat how that works, isn't it?

After Baby Bush took office, terrorism provided the 'reason' for invading Iraq. Supposedly, we had to make sure he won’t let terrorists have some of the nuclear weapons was supposed to be building. Conveniently for the administration, as a result of invading Iraq terrorist activity in the middle east has grown tremendously sine then, providing even better reasons for staying there.

It is no secret that those who now mastermind the Islamic terrorist movement were once funded by the US to fight the Russians who had invaded Afghanistan. Their recruiting efforts for new young blood of course went into overdrive after the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now, consider that the real reason why the Prudhoe Bay oil discovery was withheld from the public was the prevention of a worldwide currency collapse.

If the US could cheaply produce its own oil and bring it to market, then according to Pastor Williams' book, $1.50 per gallon of gasoline would be the normal US price. A barrel of Prudhoe Bay oil can be produced at a cost of $3 per barrel, while Saudi Arabian oil costs $5 per barrel, and there would be no transatlantic shipping expenses. It could arrive in the US via pipeline.

In that case, we would no longer need to buy oil from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis would accordingly have no reason to keep buying and holding US treasury debt, as they had agreed back then. If they sold their treasuries or even stopped buying them, their price would plummet in world markets, sending US interest rates sky high. If they no longer required dollars for oil, world demand for (and therefore the international purchasing power of) US dollars would drop to near zero within days..

There are an estimated 20 trillion US dollar in circulation in the world right now Most of them are in the form of electronic computer-credits. Only about five percent are in physical cash form. Half of those 20 trillion dollars float around the world outside of US borders and outside the US economy. If that half suddenly returns to US shores, instant hyperinflation in the US would be the result. The dollar's domestic purchasing power would immediately shrink by fifty percent..

Without an alternative currency that can maintain its value during such a crisis, the USeconomy would be reduced to third-world levels within a very short time.

The Good News

The good news is that this entire process is already in motion, albeit at a far slower and more controlled speed than that of a sudden currency collapse. This is due to the creation and successful launch of the euro currency.

The euro is the currency many of the middle-eastern countries are leaning towards for settling future oil trades. Some have already switched to a large degree. Iran has announced on Thursday, December 6, 2007 that it will no longer accept any US dollars

The end result is that, as the euro gradually takes over, the demand for US dollars is diminishing accordingly. You can verify this by looking at a dollar chart dating back to 2002.

So How On Earth Can This Be
“Good News”??

It's good news because the very condition that threatened the dollar is now happening anyhow, regardless of whether the phenomenal Alaskan oil find is brought to market. As a result, there is no longer are any valid reasons for concealing the truth about the massive extent of this oil reservoir – except maybe to save those who previously concealed the truth some serious embarrassment.

With the fact of US energy independence now established, there no longer is even an arguable need for US troops to remain in Iraq.

If terrorism is truly the real threat and the reason why we are there as the administration claims and as so many Republicans unfortunately believe, we can certainly defend our country better if our troops are here at home than if they are spread out all over the globe. That point cannot be argued with.

The entire idea that “they will follow us here unless we fight them over there” is complete nonsense, for the following reason alone:

If they want to attack us at home, nothing prevents them from doing that now.

If Bush/Cheney are right and the terrorists’ main goal is to hurt us here at home, our presence in the middle east in no way keeps them from coming here. There is no magical force that unavoidably causes them to attack our heavily armed troops in Iraq while leaving us helpless civilians in the US alone. It would be far easier for them to attack us here - especially because our land borders are now and have been utterly unprotected for years!

The only thing that will truly keep terrorists from attacking us here is if we are willing and able to keep them out.

As long as we keep on dispersing our troops in foreign countries while prosecuting our own border patrol agents for doing their jobs - like Ramos and Compean - we (i.e., the current administration) are neither willing nor able to keep them out.

Therefore, the entire argument for our presence in Iraq is immediately exposed as a sham. It simply cannot be the real reason.

Now we finally do know the real reason why we are occupying Iraq and threatening Iran while leaving North Korea and Pakistan alone, and it all makes sense. It is therefore absolutely imperative that we force our leaders in both houses of Congress to recognize that fact and to initiate an official congressional inquiry into whether the oil deposits in Alaska are really large enough to supply all of our needs for two centuries.

If they are, America no longer needs to worry about middle-eastern oil. If we no longer need to worry about middle-eastern oil, we no longer need to station troops there. It’s that simple.

The “Iran Problem”

Even if Iran should really end up taking over Iraq after US troops leave Iraq, and even if Iran really does want to build a nuclear bomb, how is Iran a greater threat than North Korea - or Pakistan?

North Korea already has nuclear weapons and has even launched one of its nuclear-capable missiles in our direction. Bush did nothing to either prevent that from happening, nor did he mount any kind of military response. Why not?

North Korea’s leadership is clearly at least as deranged and as dangerous and anti-American as that of Iran. If North Korea wasn’t worth attacking preemptively, then why on earth would Iran be?

Pakistan is chock full of Islamic terrorists and currently harbors Bin Laden as we are told. Yet, we regard it as an ally. Try to make sense out of that one.

When viewed in this light, the Bush administration’s unwavering insistence on attacking Iran can only be explained when taking the need to prevent the dollar’s sudden collapse into account. That is the real problem the US power elites face, not Iran “going nuclear.”

In the mind of these power elites in the World Bank and IMF (both controlled by US monetary heavy-weights), Iran must be ‘punished’ for daring to defy them, just like Iraq did under Saddam. In the case of Iran, a new example has to be set for all the world to see, in case any other country should entertain similar plans. (Kuwait and Syria could be tolerated because they do not have oil reserves of the same magnitude and Russia is too powerful) – but that is not the case with Iraq and Iran,

Solving the Dollar-Problem

As indicated earlier, the problem of the dollar’s impending collapse can be solved with a single piece of legislation. That legislation will give Americans immediate access to another form of currency that is far more reliable and far-less dependent on artificial support through military threats like the one we now hold over Iran’s head.

That alternate currency system consists of allowing gold and silver to circulate freely as currencies without being taxed for any price-appreciation in dollar terms, and abolishing the old anti-gold clause law from 1933. Essentially, it involves a repeal of all "legal tender" legislation.

So where does Ron Paul come into the picture?

Simple. He is already proposing all of the above.

  • With this new oil find, it not only becomes much easier to do all of the things he proposes, it becomes imperative for the security of this country to implement them.

  • With the dollar's loss of reserve-currency status already well under way and impossible to prevent, Americans' ability to use gold and silver as an alternate currency and a far superior store of wealth becomes a must.

  • Because the dollar's fate is already sealed regardless of whether the current administration attacks Iran and plunges the world into World War III, doing so now becomes not only unnecessary, it becomes absolutely unconscionable.

  • Without a need to enforce petro-dollar 'compliance' around the world, there is no point in stationing US troops abroad. They an be used to patrol our now virtually nonexistent borders -providing real, not illusory security.

With the Gulls Island oil find under production and full US energy independence, if these proposals are implemented, Americans can live freer, safer, and be more productive and prosperous than ever before.

Without use of this oil find and without Ron Paul's policy proposals being implemented, we will pay upwards of $5 or $6 at the ump for gas, our disposable incomes will shrink to nothing, and our freedom and prosperity will disappear.

You choose.

Alex Wallenwein
Editor, Publisher
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November 14, 2007.

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