Woke Economy Poster Child:
Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO

Larry Fink is the woke economy poster child of US corporate sellouts to the Chinese Communist Party and to the CCP influenced US economic establishment.

Under his leadership, BlackRock became the largest asset management firm on the planet with nearly 6 TRILLION dollars under management.

Fink is a lifelong Democrat. His company has investments in a full 107 Chinese companies with ties to the CCP and the "People's Liberation Army, or PLA. In 11 of those companies, the CCP holds a stake of 30% or higher.

Fink is a huge - if not the leading - proponent of "social responsibility investing" and claims to make that his guiding principle, but while BlackRock has divested itself of some Chinese "thermal coal" producers in the past, it has refused to divest itself of Chinese companies that manufacture equipment for Chairman XI's surveillance state or that are dominated by the PLA. 

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) has addressed these and other issues in a May 2020 letter to Larry Fink, asking him to divest BlackRock of Chinese firms, period, because of Xi's record of forced (slave) labor detention camps for Uyghurs and religious minorities (like Christians and Falun Gong), extra-judicial killings of prisoners of conscience to satisfy growing global demand for "fresh" human organs, and others human rights violations, but Larry focused a blind eye on, and turned a deaf ear toward, these demands, proving once more that "social responsibility" is really socialist responsibility - in social sheep's clothing. 

Larry's pleas to other investment firms' CEOs to be more social(istically) responsible in their investment choices are turning progressively (no pun intended) dictatorial and demanding. He now threatens to vote out any "nonconforming" CEOs other investment firms, using his company's huge stakes in other firms as a bully pulpit and social policy sledge hammer.

Oh, wait, there is also the by now infamous revolving backdoor between BlackRock and top-level administrative positions in the federal government. 

It is precisely these kinds of people and companies that the WokeFree-Economy.com seeks to sideline by building a tight network of patriot (free-speech defenders) owned businesses and customers to build the woke-free economy.

Certainly, you can't just suddenly build a 6 trillion dollar investment company from nothing, but when "patriotically responsible" investors gang up on a woke economy company like that and find better alternatives, considerable pain can be inflicted and, who knows, top socialist bully CEO's can be replaced?