Many member's of Ron Paul's revolutionary army are bummed out by his poor showing on Super Tuesdayand by the - in my view - GOP-coordinated McCain/Romney backdoor deal. My question to them is: What did you expect??

Did you expect to simply sail into, and through, the mainstream-manipulated, voting machine-rigged, party machinery on eagle's wings? I hope not, because if you did, you might as well quit now. Things are going to get a lot tougher before Ron eventually wins.

Think beack to your grade school days when you first learned about George Washington's rag tag army and their victory at Valley Forge. Those guys had reason to complain! Winter time. Sub-zero temperatures. No shoes. Marching with rags around their frost-bitten feet. No winter uniforms. No blankets. No tents. Little ammunition. No food. Just miles and miles of frozen ground to march on. As could be expected, they did complain. Big time.

But they also won.

Never forget that!

Our country exists today because George Washington's men stayed steadfast despite overwhelming odds against them, and despite tremendous suffering. If we give up now, we aren't even worthy to ask for our freedom back, much less win it.

Ron Paul is not out of options. It is time, however, for him to leave the Fascist Wing of the Democratic Party that goes under the name of "Republican." Staying within the GOP party structure has gained him national notoriety, lots of free airtime at debates, favorable mentions by a surprising number of TV and radio commentators, and a huge sack full of cash alongside a still plentiful cash cow that keeps on giving and giving - and that "cash cow" is us.

But now, it's time for Ron to just leave.

By pushing John McCain to the fore, the most liberal of all GOP candidates (save for the war issue), the party has abandoned the last pretense of being even in the extended neighborhood of "conservative" political thought. Romney, who during his campaign has pretended to bitterly criticize McCain for failing to live up to conservative values and principles, now throws his ideological paperweight behind him as if what he said before no longer matters.

Well, the truth is: it doesn't - and it never did. It was all mere window-dressing.

The fact that Romney was the one who quit (instead of Huckabee, who had far less delegates under his belt at the time) shows that the move was intended to destroy any potential chance that there might be a brokered convention.

If anyone had any doubt that this was a calculated move, today's out-of-the-blue endorsement put the final nail into the brokered convention's coffin. This was a GOP backroom deal of the worst kind.

I'm sure Romney got assurances to be McCain's first vice-presidential pick for agreeing to this move. After all, he spent millions of his own money to make certain that only an establishment candidate will be nominated. A seasoned businessman of his caliber (and with his connections) does not ordinarily make such a move without sufficiently hedging his bets in advance.

So, the GOP is now left with McCain and Huckabee still in the "race to keep Ron Paul out of the White House." Today's move has garnered McCain almost the entire number of delegates he needs to guarantee him the nomination. An Associated Press tally puts McCain's delegate total at 843, and Romney's at 280.

If all of Romney's delegates do go for McCain (which isn't likely, but a majority probably will), McCain will have the nomination locked up. Huckabee says he'll stay in the race until McCain has all the delegates he needs in his own right, thereby effectively acting as a backstop to make sure none (or at least as few a s possible) of the remaining delegates will go to Ron Paul.

We can all sit here and complain how "unfair" this process is, etc., etc., blah, blah - or we can do something about it. We knew going in that the game is rigged.

It is surprising in the extreme that Ron Paul was able to come this far. One of only three out of eleven left in the race, this late in the game, with more money than either of his Fascist-Democrat opponents. His failure to win Super Tuesday was not surprising at all.

So, now what?

The Revolution March on Washington is the next step. The speech Dr. Paul will likely give there will be a great time to announce his running as an independent. With all the momentum and excitement garnered by that momentous event, it can serve as a veritable flashpoint for the big prairie fire that is about to sweep the country.

With the donating capability we all have demonstrated, we can propel Ron Paul into the same spending capacity the two Democrats now have.

What is the point of all this?

The country must - at all cost - still have a real choice by the time the November election comes around. Between either Obama or Hillary on the one hand and McCain on the other, there is no real choice, no real "change." It will only be a change in name. Amnesty will continue as planned, as will the de facto merger between the United States, Mexico, and Canada under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, a/k/a the "SPP".

The war will continue as well, as will the total surveillance of the American public.

To any idealistic Democrat's most certain disappointment, neither Obama nor Hillary will stop either the war, the policy of foreign intervention, or the relentless spying on Americans. Democrats who will have voted for either of the two will be sorely disappointed when they find this out. By the time of the next election, they will rebel against their only party structure - if there ever will be another election. After all, why have one, if all that'sleft in US politics is Democrat socialists with a (D) after their name, and Democrat fascists with an (R)?

That's why Ron Paul MUST stay in the game. That's why we MUST keep on fighting - just so that, at the time of the election, Americans can still look at three instead of only two candidates - and will be able to scratch their heads, saying to themselves: "Do we really want to keep this charade going - or do we want America back?"

Only then will we have a chance to see if Ron Paul "can win" or not. Only then, if he really doesn't win, can we justifiably give up on his campaign to become our next president. But even then we will have no excuse for stopping our overall fight. The fight will just have to shift gears. Trust me: Washington's army would have loved to be able to simply "have an election" to get out from under King George's tyranny.

We are unbelievably fortunate that we do have that option - and we need to thank Washington's rag tag army for having persevered so we can all its exustence - and for giving us a real-life, historical, examplef what "miracles" can be achieved as long as we never, ever, give up!!

There is no question that freedom never has been - and never will be - free.

The only question is: are we, is the country, worthy of it?