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MEDIA BOMB! (Update #2))

CNN, NH GOP and Richard Viguerie Diss FOX for Excluding Ron Paul

The New Hampshire GOP is even threatening Fox with pulling their sponsorship of the event!

Think this brouhaha might ave an effect on New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" voters? I think so.

UPDATE: "Threat" just became reality:
New Hampshire GOP Drop-Kick's FOX News!

Ha! Take that, Fox (and News Corporation, and Murdoch)!

Ron Paul is the "Little Engine that COUDLN'T BE BEATEN!"

The news media still think they can get away with ignoring their real viewership.

Not the potty-trained, brain-dead zombies upon whose backs they have built their collectivist Morlock-empire, but the real ones - the ones who actually count.

They do not yet realize how many of us there actually are. Our support, our base, goes far beyond the memberships, far beyond anything they can fathom in their secluded and deluded little minds. They do not know - yet - that they are messing with America herself.

If Ron Paul has any support at all, it is because he represents what America is really all about.

It's not health care.

It's not social security.

It's not how much of the tax loot this or that segment of the population can vote itself.

It's F R E E D O M !

Ron Paul is the only honest-to-goodness freedom-candidate this country has seen since the founding fathers were alive and were murdered one by one by their former British overlords.

They do not realize that they have already lost their most decisive battle. They are completely outmaneuvered and are stuck on the low ground, on inferior territory from which they must fight uphill, looking into the sun that is setting fast on their formerly grand opinion empire.

Why are they losing?

Because their full strength, their most fearsome weapons, their artillery, air support, and ground troop strength are already known to us and are currently being deployed in a last-gasp, desperate effort at staving off the inevitable.

We, on the other hand, haven't even begun to tap our resources, yet. They have no idea how many of us there are.

Their foot soldiers are nothing more than sleeping, dreaming human batteries whose TV screens define the boundaries of their pre-designed reality-matrix. They are bred and trained to simply watch and absorb the garbage they are being fed. They are neutered, ineffectual - because that's how the mainstream media want them - no, need them - to be.

We, on the other hand, are lean and strong. We have a reason to fight. We have principle and honor to defend - the principle of individual freedom on which this country was founded, and the sacred honor that our founders swore to sacrifice in defense of it.

Millions of Americans who are still snoozing blissfully in front of their TV screens don't even know yet that they are Ron Paulers. They are the 30 to 50 percent of "undecideds" you come across when you are phone banking. The only reason they are undecided is because they haven't heard of Ron Paul, yet.

Many of them are not on the Internet. Many don't even watch the debates because of scheduling conflicts with "Heroes" or "The Family Guy".

Does your local Ron Paul Meetup have a door-todoor campaign? Are you out canvassing? Do you phone bank?

If so, start out with the question whether the person you are talking to thinks it is fair for Fox News to exclude the one GOP presidential candidate who, as a previous 'unknown' and without any corporate or special interest support, has raised more funds than any other GOP candidate in the fourth quarter.

Americans, even the lethargic ones, hate that kind of stuff!

No matter where they are on the political spectrum, they do not support such tactics.

Then, mobilize everyone you know to stop watching Fox television. I mean ALL Fox TV channels, not only Fox News.

Next, start a campaign to embargo any corporate sponsor of Fox TV. The best platform to launch this from would be Trevor Lyman's Money Bomb website. Contact him to see if he agrees to start a Ron Paul Media Bomb site.

More importantly, let Fox' sponsors know that in these times, when the mortgage related credit crunch is already biting into every corporation's ability to secure financing, when the economy is slowing, because consumption is slowing, their customer base will shrink to unbearably painful proportions.

They do not know how many of us there really are. They have no idea how many more will support our cause. They fear it - but they do not know.

Let's show them!

Alex Wallenwein

PS: Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. Click the link above to its Wikipedia page and scroll down to the TV channels it owns. Here is the link to Murdoch's Investor Relations page. All of Murdoch's holdings are fair game in this fight. All of his corporate sponsors are fair game. Start with the biggest ones and work your way down the line. Come back here soon, as this page will be updated with direct links to NewsCorp's sponsors.

If you own NewsCorp or Fox News, or any other Murdoch subsidiary shares of stock - sell them! Ask your friends and relatives to sell them. You will lock in nice profits and you will avoid losing money when their shares go down.

It's time to fight. Let's hit Rupert where it hurts the most!

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This is NOT a call to any form of violence against either Rupert Murdoch, NewsCorp, or any other individual or entity. It is a call to concerted political and economic action, protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States. The "bomb" in the title and picture above is merely allegorical and is in no way intended as a suggestion to destroy property of any kind by any means whatsoever. Ron Paul is a firm believer in non-violent resistance, as are all of his true supporters - and so am I.

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