Prophesying to Dry Bones

If you are not familiar with the idea of the Woke-Free Economy yet, please read the home page of this site as well as the page with that name in the navigation bar to your left.

What this site is doing is bring all of America's patriots (free speech defenders) together to form a new community, and within that community, a new economy. The Woke Free Economy.

The purpose of that economy is to replace and sideline the 'woke' economy so that we can all live in freedom and prosperity again.

I am no prophet, but the lessons embedded in the Book of Ezekiel, chapter 37, are well worth considering.

There, God tells Ezekiel to prophesy the Word of God to scattered dry bones (representing unrepentant Israel) and make them come back together,.

He then tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the wind (the Spirit of God) to fill the dry bones and make them come alive again.

The obvious parallel to our situation is that America as a nation has been turning its back on God and refused to repent until very, very recently - but God has shown us where that leads: A plague (even if it only has existence in the evening news), riots, looting, burning cities, and fifth generational, unconventional information warfare culminating in a stolen election and a fake presidency.

The woke corporations are running and ruining our economy, and God is leading us, the "dry bones", back together again to deal with each other and build each other up so we can sideline the anti-American, 'woke' economy and build a pro-American real one. 

But we need the Spirit of God to make this real and effective.

If we do not turn back to Him, we can't see Him, and it's very difficult talking to someone while turning your back on that person. You can try this out in real life.

"We" obviously means we, as a nation, but it also means you and I, individually because a nation is nothing more than a bunch of individuals living in a geographic area and calling themselves such.

So, let's get right with God again.

He made it ridiculously easy for us. If we are believers, all we need to do is name our sins to Him, and he restores our fellowship with him and enables us to walk in His Spirit.

If we are not believers (yet), we need to research what He has to say in His Word and then weigh the evidence.

If our decision is for Him and we come to understand that Christ is literally the son of God the Father, and that he willingly took our sins onto himself while hanging on that cross so that we could be reconciled to God through that sacrifice.

We all, every human who ever lived, now lives, or will live, should have been hanging on that cross, but he took our place.



Sin is real, and it has real consequences, and those consequences have to be dealt with ... or else.

If we do come to that understanding and we accept Jesus' sacrifice as a free gift to us, and we realize that we have "missed the mark" from our birth and allow him into our lives, then we are good with God and he can heal our land (and that obviously includes our economy). 

And that brings us to Chronicles 7:14:

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Whom is God addressing here? It's not the wokles of the world. It's not the Godless communist infiltrators and underminers. It's not our spineless, weak-kneed politicians and not our corrupted, intimidated judges.