How Can The Economy
Survive This?

The truth is, no economy can.

We are witnessing the deliberate takedown of the old system. A system that is built on wealth by theft.

No, “the rich” didn't steal it from “the poor.” The thieving bankers stole it from everybody by making money out of debt and then collecting interest on it – with government collusion.

Theirs is a system built to undermine all systems. It was designed to crash, and now it does.

In the process, it made a very small number of people unbelievably rich and powerful - but their time is up now.

They talk about sustainability, but their system is and always has been unsustainable. Nothing can change this.

Essentially, it was built on a lie. And lies need other lies to support them, or they go up in smoke, and that's exactly what's happening.

The First Lie

The first lie was that you can loan wealth into existence. You can't.

All you can do is to lie and call debt “money”. Debt is debt and money is money. Never, in actual reality, shall the twain meet. It only meets in the imagination of bankers and lawmakers – and in the gullibility of people.

If you're a would-be central banker, you have to convince governments that your lie is a judicious and profitable one that will help politicians stay in power if they allow you to spread it.

That's what the bankers have done.

Governments made bank-issued “notes”, which are nothing but written evidence of debt, “legal tender” and put a dollar sign on the note.

This lie had profound ramifications. Whenever you work for your paycheck, your work is real. You cannot fake it. But your boss or your customers unwittingly spread the lie when they offer you such “legal tender” in payment for your work or whatever else you sell.

In essence, they cheated you, but they didn't know it. They themselves were victims of the same banker shenanigan.

The government made you believe it's money by convincing everyone to accept it as such even though it is not. So your government lied, too. Of course. That's what governments do.

It's not tender in payment of debt. It's legal tender,

That word gives it an air of legitimacy, or lawfulness, but it means the opposite. It means it is “tender in payment of debts” only because the legislature lied to make it so. It's a legal fiction.

The Second Lie

It's the same thing with corporations.

They are not real persons, but the law says that the courts have to treat them like persons – to the point where they now even have “rights” to free speech, to “own” property, to sue and be sued, etc., just like people do.

So both money and corporations are legal fictions – and that's what our economies have been running on for decades and even centuries.

The law also treats corporations as “private” entities – while at the same time calling them public.

The Third Lie

The third lie is governments. They teach us in grade school that government (here in the US) is “by the people, for the people”. Maybe it was set up that way, but today's reality is that our government is by the (big) corporations for the (big) corporations.

So fake money and fake “persons” (corporations) took over our governments and our economy and turned the whole system into a web of lies.

These are the three fake legs that our present (and soon to be past) economy is standing on: money, corporations, and governments. The first two are lies, the last is the liar.

Because our economy is what our physical lives run on, we all suffer from a huge wallop of moral degradation.

And so our society went to pot.

All three of them inevitably lead to more and more centralization – and the end of the road to centralization will always be totalitarian collectivism.

You know, like communism, debt-based pseudo-capitalism, and fascism.

That's why our corporations are so woke these days. Wokeness is the ultimate lie of all lies.

Wokeness is a Marx-inspired collectivist view of life and human society. You are not you. You are just a member of a group, and the group has more rights than you do. Always.

And who gets to decide what rights the group has that you (supposedly) don't have?

Well the elites, of course, and the elite of all elites are the world's top bankers. Like the Rothschild family and a few others.

They love control.

In fact, they need control because there are so few of them. If they lose control, they lose everything.

So wealth isn't really their thing at all. They only use their wealth to control you.

Power. That's what they're after. And ever-tightening rings of centralization give them that power.

What centralization gives them, it has to take away from someone, of course, and that someone is you.

In essence, the world is divided into two groups: those who mainly seek power over others and those who mainly want power over themselves and their own affairs.

Those who seek power over others lose power over themselves in direct proportion to the power they gain over others.

That's the reason why they are all moral derelicts. They start wars, they sexually abuse children, and they quite literally believe they are above the law – and therefore above you, whom they bind by their law while refusing to follow yours … the Constitution.

They are criminals – and the world of men adores them, their wealth, and their power.

But, back to the economy.

Their system is crashing, and it has no redeeming virtues. It is as irredeemable as their fake money.

What needs to arise in its stead is a woke-free economy. An economy run by individuals whose aim is to make money – real money – by benefiting other individuals.

Benefiting others by bettering themselves.

What's good for one, is good for all.

That's the exact opposite if what socialists of various ilks are always talking about. They tell you in essence “what's good for all is good for you, too – and if you don't like that, you'd better shut up, or else!”

And therein lie the roots of all censorship.

We know better what's good for you than you do, and if you go against what we say, we'll shut you up, take your shit, and kill you.

It's communism, Nazism, fascism, par exellence.

Define Your Terms

For now, let's define our terms. Let's call those who seek power over others collectively “commies”, for brevity's sake, and let's call those who want power over themselves “patriots.”

The old system was devised and run by collectivist commies who infiltrated the previously at least somewhat individualistic order.

The new system, the one that alone is able to replace the old one, must be run by self-control-seeking patriots - if it is to be any better and sustainable than the old one.

And it can't be based on lies. It has to be based on truth.

That's how you can tell them apart. “You shall know them by their fruits” one really wise person once said.

One group lies, the other seeks and tells the truth.

If you think you are looking at a patriot and you see him seeking power over others, you know who he is. He's not on your side.

But back to the economy again.

Honest Weights Need Honest People

An honest economy must run on honest weights and measures. The most important measure is money. There must be honest money, or there can be no honest economy.

Of course, you're not supposed to cheat with weights, time, and distances, either.

Honest money means that you can rely on it. It is what it is because no one can easily mess with it.

Take gold and silver, for example.

When gold is money, emperors can file those gold coins down a bit, but this quasi-inflationary trick has its limits.

Electronic money “printing” does not. It's money on demand.

What's even better is when people and businesses can chose the type of money they prefer. When there is competition between currencies, the “best” ones with the most utility for people will prevail.

That means governments need to stay out of the money business.

Back in the 1800's we had a situation like that. People were able to trade their goods of whatever they liked. Even tobacco was considered money. Seashells, glass pearls, local bank notes, what have you. If you can get someone to accept it, it's as good as gold.

The Constitution gives Congress the power to coin money, but not to control what shall be money. States are told they can only make gold and silver their money.

Too bad the Founders didn't put the same restriction on the federal government.

Governments of course prefer uniform money. That makes tax collection much easier – but then again, we don;t live to make life easier for our governments.

Our governments exist to make life easier for us.

Getting the government out of the money business also means that we need to make it stop taxing potential forms of currency like gold and silver for “capital gains.” That's another government lie.

Telling you that anything that could be used as currency represents “capital” and that the government should be allowed to tax it for “gains” in terms of an arbitrary currency that the government happens to prefer is the same thing as creating a fiction.

Gold does not “appreciate” in terms of fake debt money. Fake debt money rises and sinks relative to gold. Gold doesn't “rise” or “fall”. It just sits there, like a mountain. It's the mountain climber, the fake debt currency, that moves up and down the mountain's side.

But a “gold standard” doesn't really make things better, either.

Gold standards are only as good as the governments that abide by them. Governments create them, governments can take them away as we all saw in the 1930s.

With beholden courts, everything is possible in government land.

The Government Leg

So much for the money leg. Let's move on to the government leg.

The question is: is there any such thing as an honest government?

There can be.

President Ronald Reagan famously quipped, “that government which governs least governs best.”

That's only part of the equation, though. Under that quip, it's still the government that decides how much it will govern.

Sure, the Constitution puts limits on the government, but we all know from our own experience how those limits can be ignored, almost at will, with the help of the courts which, of course, themselves are part of the government.

Whats the solution?

Building a “wall of separation” between corporation and state?

That's easier said than done because corporations are the children of government. They are natural allies, which is the reason why fascism (excessive cooperation between corporations and government) exists in the first place.

They exist by legislative decree, and the courts give them human-like powers.

Our Constitution provides for means to weaken our federal government, but the Founders could not foresee the degree to which corporations would be excessively empowered over time.

Out of Bounds

In most ball games, when the ball goes out of bounds, there is a reset or the team thaat let it happen gets a point deduction.

In the corporate game, that rule doesn't exist anymore. It used to.

There is an old, dusty legal concept called “ultra vires”. That term translates into “outside its (lawful) power.”

In the old days before the Civil War, corporations had strictly limited powers, namely, the powers given to them by their corporate charter.

They were usually created for a specific, limited purpose and were dissolved when that purpose was accomplished.

If they stepped outside their original power grant, they were punished.

But that changed dramatically, over time, and again it was the courts that gave them their extra-legal powers.

The doctrine of ultra vires was watered down beyond recognition over time, to the point where the courts even gave them constitutional rights meant only for people – like the power of free speech.

Right now, the government is tyrannical to us, its creators, but horribly lenient to its spawn, the corporations.

Talk about being a bad parent.

Just like weak liberal parents let their children run roughshod over them, the government is letting the corporations get away with everything. Today, it's the large corporations who run government, not the other way around.

The natural and true pyramid of power in America has us, the people, on top, the states and their governments below us, the federal government below them, and the corporations way at the bottom of that ladder.

The corrupted, unnatural and lies-based system we live in today has the corporations running our federal and state governments through their bribes (lobbying, campaign donations and job assurances after service to politicians they get elected) and those governments then running us, their natural masters like we are their slaves.

This government-industrial complex then bastardizes our public schools and breeds itself an immature, ill-informed, and morally disoriented voter base that obediently goes back and reinforces this whole messed-up system at election time, again and again.

Or so it was, until recently.

The Day the Music Died ...

The 2020 Antifa-BLM riots and the stolen election have cracked this rotten carcass wide open and exposed its filthy entrails for the whole country to see – at least for those who care to look.

What used to be the “powers that be” are now in full-swing losing-battle mode because the old sleepy giant is finally yawning and rubbing its eyes.

Barring a global nuclear war before then, the 2022 midterm elections will bring the government leg somewhat more under control.

What then remains to be controlled are the woke corporations.

As long as they are left untouched, they will bring the government sector back under their control over time because they are the ones who found the “swamp”.

But to their soon-to-be discovered dismay, we are and always have been the ones who funded them.

We bought their stuff and made them rich and powerful. They thanks us by taking our money to buy politicians to turn around and give them license while controlling us.

We had no choice. There were no alternatives.

'All large corporations are woke now. There are almost no exceptions … yet.

But soon we can fix that.

We can find smaller, less powerful companies to spend our money on, and so defund the deep economy that funds the deep state.

There is a tool for that, now.

That's our way to keep woke corporations honest.

We keep the government in check with our votes and the corporations in check by voting with our wallets.

The Conundrum

To do this, we need to become honest ourselves.

As the Founders all knew so well, only a moral people can govern themselves.

So we need to do the same thing we do to woke corporations to our woke churches.

Eschew the mega churches. Seek out the small, less popular ones. The ones that are not corporations.

The ones that still preach the biblical good news in its entirety.

You have the power to do that.

You are the unseen hero who saves the country.

Its not what your leaders do that counts, it's what you decide to do that counts. Always.

It always starts with you and me.

We cannot farm this out anymore.

The kind of power leaders (think they) have corrupts. The power you have does not, because it doesn't build you up at the expense of others.

Your kind of power holds the power grifters in check to the benefit of you and everyone.

Only people with internal controls can govern themselves. Those without internal controls create conditions that require external (government or corporation-imposed) controls by default.

A Grassroots Economy

So we know the new economy needs grassroots direction, not top-down control.

It needs honesty throughout the land.

In money, in weights and measures, and in people.

We need to defang the woke corporations, or they will eat us alive. We defang them by spending our money elsewhere, in an alternative economy of our own making.

Let them shrivel and die.

And we know that we can't do any of it without God. We need him back in our lives, day to day, or the enemy will take control again.

All of that is our responsibility.


None of this can be done by 'leaders'.

We just can't farm this out, anymore. Forget the experts. They know nothing. We tell them what we want.

The big money people have corrupted us, in our minds, through our education, our information, our entertainment, and our leaders.

No more!

The good part is that we now have the will and the tool.

That is the new economy.

It's the only one that can survive.

Alex Wallenwein