The End of Gold Manipulation

Every investor has the power to end gold manipulation. All he must do is lift a single finger – but at the right time, and at the right place.

If you had a chance to end gold manipulation, would you use it?

I can remember the days of 1999, when Bill Murphy and Chris Powell of GATA were serving every member of Congress with their evidence of gold-price manipulation by the top US bullion banks, by the Federal Reserve, and via the Treasury Department’s Exchange Stabilization Fund. The result was a lot of raised eyebrows and some frantic paper shuffling - followed by a roaring, deafening silence.

There is one reason, and one reason only why these banking cartel shenanigans and their attempts to control and subvert free operation of US markets continue, and that is the fact that Congress, with full knowledge of the subject matter and with a decent understanding of the potential ramifications (i.e., a gold derivatives meltdown), did exactly nothing to stop the abuse. All probably they did was tip off their banker buddies, saying: "hey, look at what I just received. You better get your act in order or this could blow up in your face."

The vast majority of Congressmen and women from that now bygone era are still holding their congressional seats. Others have joined them – but nothing has changed.


Because the corporate banking lobby has an iron grip on virtually every member of Congress. After all, the bankers, in particular those associated with the Federal Reserve System, are providing Congress with its ever-expanding and revolving line of credit – the line that not Congress, but you and I, are on the hook for.

Naturally, those members of Congress who originally allowed themselves to be bribed in order to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 have long since passed on. They can no longer be held accountable, but their currently incumbent successors are benefiting from that heist just the same, if not more so.

Back in the days of 1913, that revolving line of credit could not be dug into quite as deeply and as freely by the Federal Reserve because the gold standard still limited the Fed's power. Unsurprisingly, when FDR signed Americans’ birthright to a sound currency away by executive decree in 1933, Congress did what it has always done best, when it really counts.

It did nothing.

Nothing for Americans, that is. It did a lot for the banking cartel, however.

No Due Process

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution precludes the government from depriving the people of their property without due process of law. A president’s issuance of an executive order does not constitute due process of law. An executive order also cannot (constitutionally speaking) accomplish what the Congress is prohibited from doing.

In law, the term "due process" signifies at minimum a right to be heard and to present evidence in one’s defense. In 1933, Americans' rights to their property and their right to due process of law were ignored. Congress has the absolute right and power to scrutinize and overturn any executive order that any president may issue - but just ike today, it did nothing in 1933.

No Financial Privacy

Congress also did nothing to stop president Bush’s power grab in 2001, when it passed the clandestinely substituted White House version of the USA "Patriot" Act with a large, bipartisan majority in both houses.

The Patriot Act robbed Americans of whatever financial privacy they had left from the Clinton years, during which it passed Clinton’s Anti-Terrorism bill, and from the “Bush the elder” years when the “war on drugs” was the excuse du jour for depriving Americans of their rights.

The Patriot Act allowed the FBI to force gold dealers and others to turn their clients’ transaction records over without being allowed to notify their clients of that fact, based on a mere letter written by the FBI, without court supervision and without judicial review. It also allowed warrantless, clandestine “sneak and peek” searches of your home in your absence without you ever knowing that the FBI ad come into your house, copied your computer’s hard drive, and looked for anything else that “incriminates” you in their eyes.

The list goes on and on, but the fact remains that, if those we elect to Congress truly took their mandate seriously, i.e., their mandate to represent you and to protect your constitutionally guaranteed rights, none of this would have happened.

  • Gold and silver would still be the ‘currency of the realm.’

  • The Federal Reserve banking cartel would not exist and would never have been able to inflate you out of home and hearth.

  • The gold manipulation schemes of the 1960s and 1990s would never have occurred.

  • An organization like GATA would never have had a reason to exist, and millions of gold investors would never have been lured into selling their precious metals by flase market signals.

  • Financial privacy would still exist.

  • The specter of gold confiscation would never even have become an issue for investors.

  • A 1913 dollar would still be worth a dollar instead of a piddling two cents.

The Solution

Yet, a simple, painless, and free solution to all of this legislative abuse exists, and that solution quite literally lies at your fingertips. It is utterly and completely in your hands. It lies totally within your power. All that any voting member of the American public needs to do in order to exercise it is to literally lift a single finger – and let it come down next to the name of your congressional incumbent’s most formidable challenger.

That’s all it takes.

Why wiill this be effective?

Because it is easy to do, it is free, it costs you no more of your time than you already spend going to the polls, and it carries absolutely no risk for your life, liberty, or property. The founding fathers only wished they could have had it this easy. That's why they set it up that way, for our benefit. All we have to do is lift our voting finger and let it come down on the right part of the voting screen.

Of course, your vote alone is no guarantee of ultimate success – but you still have the right of free association under the First Amendment, remember?

You can join a Fire Congress! Meetup in your area and organize with other like-minded Americans to oust your local congressional incumbent aa s well as your state's incumbent US Senator if he runs for reelection this fall. (Hint: Don't brush past that link just above. Click on it. Read it.)

Why does this rather political-leaning essay appear on a gold investment web site? Because you come here for information that helps you protect your investments and hopefully profit from them. You no longer have the luxury to wait for the free market to do the job for you. Markets are no longer free, and they are getting less and less so, every day.

You also don't have the luxury of sitting back and waiting to see if someone else does the job for you - like your political leaders, for example. You know where that has led you: right to where you are now.

Asking for their help when the corporate banking lobby has way more by the way of "incentives" to pitch their way is like asking a mugger to hold your wallet while you dig through your pockets for change. Only firing them, one and all, at every election, unless they do their job right, holds any promise of real change. Not even a "better" president can accomplish what you can accomplish by voting them out every time. The ruling elite will know you are paying attention, for once.

So, what about the great gold bull market that is continuing on in spite of all this manipulation? Won't that bail you out? Maybe - unless even the last vestiges of free markets are destroyed or sufficiently stifled because of your credulity and passive inaction. Freedom only exists if people fight for it. It's no different in the markets.

Party? What Party?

It does not even matter who gets elected in his or her place. Party politics has proven to be a devastating snare to Americans’ rights as citizens. Whatever your ideological position in life, whatever party you belong to, your party has done its level best to betray you.

If you are a Republican-leaning voter, you know what happened to the "Revolution of 1994" – precisely nothing.

If you are a Democrat-leaning voter, you know what happened to the supposed "takeover" of the House of Representatives in 2006.


You never get what you vote for, anyway, when you vote based on party label. Now, on the other hand, you have a chance to get what you vote for by simply ignoring any party labels and voting out the incumbent, whoever he is. How about that?

If financial privacy, an end to gold manipulation, and secure ownership of precious metals is what you want, consider the possibilities:

The Return of Honest Money

A Congress made up completely of freshmen in 2009, and every two years thereafter, will remove all entrenched, lobbyist-infested power interests in DC. Such a Congress will be composed of nothing but newbies, who will all look around and see nothing other than more newbies, just like them except for Ron Paul. They will only have ten-term Congressman Ron Paul to look to for guidance. He could easily become speaker of the house.

Why him? Because he is unchallenged for his seat. No Democrat is even trying to run against him, and his neocon-challenger was trounced with a stinging 70% defeat at the primary-election polls this past March.

His Honest Money Act of 2007 could finally be passed, eliminating the banking cartel’s monopoly over currency issuance and monetary debasement, reinstating your right to demand gold and silver for payment of services rather than having to accept worthless paper/electronic pseudo-dollars.

Even the Federal Reserve Act itself could be repealed, ending its monopoly over determining the "price of money" (interest rates) by inflating/deflating our money supply. The Federal Reserve Act is only a law, you know. It only takes a simple majority to repeal it - and the way to achieve that majority is to deny the banking lobby access to its usual crop of carefully groomed legislative gofers.

Oil price manipulation to the upside (by probably the same financial houses who are rigging the gold price downward) could be ended in a heartbeat and your declining dollars could at least buy a reasonable amount of gasoline and heating oil again.

The threat of a final Fed-takeover of all aspects of the US financial system could be averted and stopped for good.

A Brand-New Congress - Every Two Years

If the same thing happens at every congressional election from here on out, Washington will take notice. It will notice that Americans have taken the political reigns back into their own hands - and out of the corporate and banking lobby's hands.

Yes, this does require a shift in thinking - but isn't that better than losing your wealth, your assets, and your rights?

There are many very reasonable objections to this approach - and they have all been dealt with at this exhaustive FAQ.


Do you believe it’s impossible for you to do this? You are right – because if you believe that, you will not avail yourself of this simplest and most effective of all solutions the Founders gave you to right the wrongs done to you by the financial and political class.


Do you believe that it is possible? You are absolutely right! No one can deny you the right to fight for your financial freedom by using this legal, peaceful, and super-effective method. All it takes is the willingness to try a new approach. The old one based on party-loyalty and the "follow the leader" mentality surely hasn’t worked. And neither did running and trying to hide your assets, did it?

You still have the right to speak freely.

You still have the right to associate with whomever you please for the greater good of your country.

You still have the right to vote.

Nowhere to Run - Just Somewhere to Fight

If you are still looking for ways to spirit your wealth out of this country into so-called offshore "tax havens" or whatnot, you are fooling yourself. The Patriot Act, its precursors and its progeny have made that option obsolete. Even Switzerland had to buckle under and began to collect taxes from its depositors on behalf of the European Union. Likewise, the IRS under the US Treasury Department has long since subverted financial privacy in the Caribbean banking centers – all under the lack of supervision and with the outright complicity of Congress.

Why not fight back when the fighting is so easy, so completely legal, and costs so little, and has such minimal risk attached to it?

So take care of your business as a US citizen. Manage your government – instead of allowing it to micro-manage you and your wealth.

Got gold?

Then do what it takes to protect it!

Alex Wallenwein
Editor, Publisher
In this multi-decade gold bull market, the old investment maxim of "know when to buy and when to sell" has been replaced by "know when NOT to sell!" Euro vs.Dollar Gold Monitor subscribers know when not to sell.

May 30, 2008

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