Vote FOR America:

Fire Your Congressional Incumbent!

The primary reason why we keep losing our freedom is not Bush. It's not even Cheney. It's not "the Democrats" nor is it "the Republicans." The culprit is Congress as a whole - and that means your congressional incumbent. Every time your congressional incumbent votes to pass a law that kills your freedom, a little piece of the real America dies.

There aren't many pieces left.

It's time to hand your incumbent his or her pink slip!

Congress has long ago passed the buck when it gave the monopoly to create money and control our money supply to a private conglomeration of international bankers - the Federal Reserve.

Congress has most recently bailed out the two incompetent mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae while mandating that all of your credit card transactions, online and offline, are made accessible to the IRS.

Congress refuses to pass Ron Paul's Honest Money Act legislation designed to restore stability and sanity to our currency.

Congress (both House and Senate) keeps passing laws like the USA Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act. It has also promulgated and proposed the sixteenth amendment to the Constitution under which it claims authority to impose a tax on ordinary Americans' incomes.

Under laws passed by Congress the First Amendment was first defaced and is now being shredded completely with the House passing the Home Grown Terrorism Prevention Act that imposes criminal penalties for thought crimes!

Find out here how your incumbent has voted on these laws.

We all know that any new president will bring exactly zero change - unless he happens to be Ron Paul. Yet, even Ron Paul cannot do much if he as to deal with a lobbyist-infested and controlled Congress as currently constituted.

The First Branch of Government

The founders made Congress the first and most powerful branch of government for a reason: it is the branch over which the People exercise the most control - at least in theory.

In order to evade and minimize that control, politicians have learned to turn the People against each other. Group against group, race against race, gender against gender, and ideology against ideology.

Each member of Congress promises each political, ideological, or economic faction one thing or the other to get them to vote them back into office.

The Two Party System

Other than rhetoric, there is little or no discernible difference between the two major political parties. Both are beholden tospecial interests, both steal our freedom and deface our Constitution.

The only palpable difference lies in the excuses they use for doing what they do. The Republican party appeals to it's constituents' misguided patriotism and desire for "national security", while the Democrat party appeals to its constituents' sense of misguided generosity to the "less fortunate" (with other people's hard-earned money) and a misplaced faith in government's perceived ability to cure all social ills.

Both parties continue to bankrupt America by spending more than tax receipts bring in - the Democrats on social programs, the Republicans on military expenses. The result is the same.

The result is the same: Less freedom and wealth for individual private citizens, and more power and control to giant corporations and their political henchmen and prostitutes.

It is time forthe People to let the political class "feel the pain" for a change.


Start or Join a Local "FIRE CONGRESS!"Meetup helped the Ron Paul Revolution explode all over the Internet. It will do the same for those who want their country back.

Conservative Republicans were sold out after they "won" Congress in 1994 - by their very leaders, including Newt Gingrich.

Democrat progressives were sold out after they thought the won Congress "back" in 2006 - by their party leadership, including Nancy Pelosi.

Nothing ever changes until he People get together, forget their ideological differences, and simply and unceremoniously boot the lobby-infested bastards out.

We all disagree on what kind of society would be best for America - and we should. That's what makes this nation great: The fact that you have the absolute right to disagree.

To Disagree - We Need to Be FREE!

That freedom is what the current and all past Congresses for the last 100 years at least have gradually but progressively taken away from the real masters of the house - the People.

This is your chance to take it back - once and for all!