Corporate Censorship of a SOVEREIGN US STATE!

Georgia's election integrity law has forced the 'masters of the universe' to show their fangs - and their cards.

Georgia is an independent, sovereign state of the United States of America. Its legislature and governor have the sole constitutional authority to determine how Georgia runs its elections.

Corporations are legal fictions. They are creatures (not creators) of state law. How dare they tell Georgia what the state can and cannot do with its own laws?

Lynne Forrester de Rothschild is the woman who called this "meeting" On whose behalf, you might ask? It shows who rules whom. 

You can read NBC's article on the subject here.

The title of the mega-corporate event: "We Stand for Democracy".

Question: how does it further "democracy" when corporations,most of whom are not even domiciled in Georgia, tell a sovereign state of the United States what laws to pass or not pass?

The list of participants in this event is basically a list of all the corporations that need to be sidelined by the Woke-Free Economy. Well, at least most of them.

They constitute the core of the Communist Corporate Cabal that wants to rule the world by eliminating sovereign nation states.

What stands in their way are the United States of America.

When we are no longer allowed to determine how we run our elections according to the constitutional blueprint, CCP-led communism will finally have destroyed its last natural enemy. has a very detailed and well-analyzed expose on this subject. You can watch it here.

If you want to know what an insurrection looks like, this is it: corporate creatures of independent sovereign states are rebelling against their creators. 

Hmm. Where have we seen a parallel of this? A creature rebelling against his creator? Sounds familiar, somehow...

Maybe that is the true originator of this corporate rebellion.