The Dollar, Oil, and Nuclear WAR!

Why the Dow Will Keep Crashing, Gold and Oil Will Keep Rising, and the World Will Be Engulfed in WAR!

It is really very, VERY simple. Any twelve year old can understand this; that's why so many now do. But we, the adults, are way too slow on the uptake because we have been conditioned "not to look there" for all of our lives.

These two videos below will change all of that.

The first one shows WHAT we are now doing and what we are about to do in the Middle East.

In four words, we are about to attack Iran with a preemptive, possibly nuclear first strike - and it's not just Bush and Cheney who are guilty of this warmongering anymore.

Virtually our entire Congress is pushing this resolution, Democrats and Republican alike!


This second video tells you WHY we are doing this. This man is Pastor Lindsey Williams, who has personally witnessed top-level oil exec meetings in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, during the 1970's, where these things were (at first) openly discussed:

Any questions?

If we attack Iran, possibly with a nuclear first strike, for the mere reason of propping up the dollar as the world's reserve currency, America will forever lose her moral authority in the world - or whatever is left of it after eight years of Bush/Cheney and a sycophantic, boot-licking Congress, controlled by either major party.

This time, it is a Democrat-controlled Congress who is telling the US president he must blockade another country that has never attacked us, that is literally incapable of attacking us. Congress knows the Iranians will never accede to US demands to stop enriching uranium. The inevitable consequence of this will be a US-led military attack on Iran.

Iraq and Iran are the only middle-eastern oil producing countries who have ever gone off the petrodollar. They are also the only terrorist-sponsoring countries the US has ever attacked (or in the case of Iran will soon attack) militarily.

North Korea, another terrorist-sponsoring country, was allowed to develop and build nuclear warheads and even test-launch a nuclear capable IBCM at the United States - unmolested. Why? North Korea plays no part in propping up worldwide demand for US dollars the way Iraq and Iran do.

The old Democrat deflections of "Bush did it, not us" or "Bush deceived us" have just been exposed as what they are:

Baldfaced lies.

What Will You Do?

If you do nothing, you will share the same guilt as Congress and the Bush white house do.

If you want to know what to do, go to the Kick Them All Out Project and join or start a local Fire Your Congressman Meetup.

... unless you have a more effective idea.

Allowing the same bastards who are doing this to America to "serve" (steal from you) for yet another term places the responsibility of what is happening squarely on your shoulders.

You won't be able to blame "the government."

You won't be able to blame "the administration."

You won't be able to blame "the Republicans."

You won't be able to blame "the Democrats."

You won't be able to blame "the mainstream press."

You will only be able to blame ourself - BECAUSE NOW, YOU KNOW!

Alex Wallenwein
Editor, Publisher

QUOTE: "The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency" -- Vladimir Lenin

QUESTION: What is the value of a US dollar today, expressed in terms of 1913 dollars, the year Congress created the Federal Reserve?


QUESTION: Who ultimately destroyed the capitalist system?

ANSWER: The US Congress - by establishing and supporting the Federal Reserve System.

QUESTION: Who has the power, but fails to abolish this most un-American of all institutions?

ANSWER: Your Congressional incumbent - and that means you, unless you begin to fire every congressional incumbent who violates the Constitution - as YOU understand it; forget about the Supreme Court!. The Supreme Court cannot dictate how you vote. Do this from now on until you die - and teach your family, children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same.

It is all in your hands.

Use them wisely!