The 'Woke' Free Economy

Join the Patriot Counter-Offensive!

This is the beginning of the counter-offensive to the globalist-communist insurgency.

It is not enough to know what happened. What is needed is a tool, a weapon in the hands of freedom lovers to peacefully but effectively bypass and sideline the by now completely globalist-leftist-controlled economic institutions.

This tool is as simple as it is effective. The 'Woke'-Free Economy" is an online directory of woke-free, patriot-owned and run businesses, schools, colleges, and churches.

It will soon go live (one week from April 5, 2021) or be live already by the time you read this.

It is built on a host server that is not subject to 'cancellation' by the enemies of free speech.

We will use it to draw money, power, and resources away from the 'woke' economy and direct them to the patriot-owned woke-free economy, instead.

By the way: who is a patriot?

All those who defend their own and others' right to free speech, no matter what their political orientation or religious belief (or unbelief) may be.

We don't censor, and we don't cancel anyone.

This gives President Trump's recent call to boycott 'woke' corporations direction and a place to land, for what good is a boycott if you don't have an alternative?

How do you know that the company where you are taking your business as you boycott "Woka Cola", for example, is not just as woke as Coke itself?

The 'Woke'-Free Economy is being built by word of mouth and direct communications between patriots. We are intentionally foregoing the opportunity to promote it using the hyper-woke big tech companies like FB, IG, GG, YT, and TW.

Your Weapon

It is your weapon. It is how you can fight back and win.

The more you use it to find what you need, the more patriots like you create listings on it in order to serve the needs of other patriots and undercut the woke corporations, the more you spread the word about it to your circle of influence and patriot friends, the better it works - and the faster 'woke' companies will lose all of their power.

By the way, if you haven't noticed: Marxism has always been an extremely well-funded phenomenon. It was never "spontaneous" as they try to make you believe. By undercutting the woke economy, you undercut their entire financing system - and thereby globalist Marxism itself.

If you are not a champion of free speech and all the other freedoms our founders tried to preserve for us, stop reading. This is not for you.

A Free Economy - God's Way

God wants a revival in America. He wants us to go back to talking to him every day. It is so simple. If that is all we do, as long as we are sincere with Him, He will hear us. He will teach us how to hear Him, and He will Heal Our Land.

Without God, none of this is possible. With Him, none of this is impossible. We are free to choose Him over the world. We always have been.

The rights and freedom our Founders tried to guarantee us all come from Him. What he gives, no one can take away. Whatever the Satanist Marxists of the world have taken from us is not what God gave us.

All they did was to create a counterfeit version of everything that God gave us, and it is that counterfeit version they then took away from us.

Example: our money. They have replaced God's money (gold, silver, barter, etc.) and substituted their own counterfeit version for it: debt-based pseudo-money - and it is that upon which they tax us.

They have taken our God-given freedom of speech, churned it through their court system, and created a twisted and contorted version of it by qualifying and limiting it quite literally out of existence - and it is that qualified, hamstrung, and already limited and curtailed version of free speech that they are now trying to take away from us with their attempts to push 'wokeness' on us.

The problem was that they got us to accept the counterfeit instead of the real, so much so that we got to the point where the counterfeit stood in the way between us and our Creator, who freely gives us all things.

So what we are proposing to do here is not to take anything "back" from our misdirected and misguided woke institutions. We let them have it. We let them keep it, for all they took was the counterfeit.

Corporate power is counterfeit power. Corporate money (banks are corporations, too) is counterfeit debt money. Corporate government (incorporated municipalities, etc.) is counterfeit government. Our real government is God-breathed. Let them keep the counterfeit. We will live the reality.

The point is, there is nothing we need to take "back" from them. What they took is theirs. Good riddance! What we kept is ours - because it is from God.

All we do is to deny them our participation, our cooperation, our assent - and our Sacred Honor. These things we keep for ourselves, and we freely give them to each other in this new Woke-Free Revival Economy.

We can live without them and their machinations.

They, on the other hand, cannot exist - they cannot operate - without our participation, cooperation, and our assent. We have given them whatever legitimacy they currently claim. We now turn that spigot off.

Without Firing A Shot ...

We can defeat them without firing a single shot - just like they almost defeated us without firing a shot, as Nikita Kruschev once predicted.

There is no law against what we propose to do, and they cannot create one.

Are you afraid of the "mark of the beast" system?

Fear not. If we create our own revival economy, they cannot force it on us. They can only force it on their own.

The revival economy is God's will - done on earth as it is in Heaven. It literally is what Jesus told us to pray for.

You now have it at your finger tips - in the truest sense of the word.

Help us build this. Join us. Tell your friends and neighbors about us. Tell them to tell theirs. Let's build this! Let God come back to heal our land. Let the woke economy self-destruct.

They have no power over God, so they have no power over us that we don't agree to give them.

Take back your consent and rebuild the Land of the Free, God's way.

Here in America, you know that there are many more of us than of the 'wokels' of the world.

That is the power of the But there is more.

Woke-Free Everything

On that website, you can soon find woke-free schools or home schooling programs for your children. Woke-free publicly traded companies to invest in, woke-free restaurants to go out to, woke-free entertainment to enjoy, woke-free products made here in America to consume - and a huge swath of the woke-free population to advertise to if you are a business or service provider, whether retail or B2B.

In fact, you can use it to turn your B2B company into a bona fide "P2P" (Patriot to Patriot) business if you think that is advantageous to you.

Building your company on a "P2P" model has another advantage: patriots are those who are loyal to their core to America and her freedom. Once they become your customers, they will also be loyal to you. They will go to bat for you like they are going to bat for America by using this website.

Here is a live example of the power of the "P2P" concept:

'MyPillow' the Woke Companies!

When the woke retailers and distribution chains ganged up on Mike Lindell and his company My Pillow, patriots across America ran to his aid and made My Pillow even more successful than it was before they tried to 'cancel' him!

If you plan to become a patriot statesman and run for public office, where do you think you could get the greatest bang for your buck in promoting your campaign? Once the has matured a bit, it will allow you to totally under-fly the radar of the woke media and beat the living daylights out of your woke opponents' campaigns.

The same effort could be reproduced by nationalist patriots in other countries. In Europe for example, there already is an alliance of four countries to - get this: "Make Europe Great Again". How cool is that?

There literally are no limitations to what this website can do for the patriot cause, for a free America, and for a free world.

Think of it.

WFE News:

The Latest on the Whacky World of Wokism

April 7, 20021:
During an appearance at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) Global Technology Governance Summit 2021, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki discussed how the platform has increased the volume of videos it removes and vowed to further reduced the total views on videos that violate its policies.

Wojcicki was interviewed by The Atlantic’s CEO, Nicholas Thompson, and discussed the release of a new metric that YouTube recently added to its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report – Violative View Rate (VVR).

This metric estimates the percentage of the views on YouTube that come from violative content and essentially showcases the speed with which YouTube is censoring content. A low VVR signals that most of the content YouTube removes is taken down before viewers have a chance to watch it.

YouTube reports that its VVR for Q4 2020 was 0.16-0.18% – a 70% reduction compared with the same quarter in 2017.
Read More @: YouTube CEO tells World Economic Forum Summit how the platform has ramped up its censorship efforts
Comment: They're not shy about it any more. They think they "won" already. Let's prove them wrong!